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office.com/setup – Download, Setup and Install

Microsoft workplace may be a easy suite and isn't as difficult as some could take into account it to be. it's one amongthe foremost renowned and extremely used work programs. From personal use to business or skilled use, Microsoft workplace is usually the foremost suggested. Microsoft workplace includes Access, Excel, electric receptacle, Outlook, Word, Publisher, etc. Microsoft workplace has varied versions: workplace 365, workplace 2016, workplace2013, workplace 2010, workplace 2007, etc. you'll be able to transfer these versions from Microsoft’s official web site or office.com/setup.

How To Uninstall Microsoft Office Setup?

It is common for the Microsoft workplace to merely close up. the simplest thanks to get obviate this drawback is to uninstall the suite. the method to uninstall the Microsoft workplace is given below:

  1. Go to begin.

  2. Type Program and options and click on thereon from the list of results.

It launches a window that shows the list of put in programs on your computer.

  1. Tap on the Microsoft workplace version you've got on your laptop.

  2. Now you would like faucet on Uninstall possibility given at the highest of the program list.

  3. Then make sure it by clicking affirmative button to mechanically uninstall Microsoft workplace.

Note: a number of the Microsoft versions conjointly offer you associate choice to save Microsoft workplacesettings. If you would like to fully uninstall the suit, you'll please check take away workplace User Settings possibility.

How to Download Microsoft Office Setup?

If you would like Microsoft workplace on your pc when you get it, then directly transfer it from the Microsoft netstore. it's a crucial method. and also the simple steps to transfer this setup area unit mentioned below:

  1. You can quickly access the Microsoft web store by a web search office.com/setup.

  2. You will be able to see all the kinds of Microsoft products.

  3. Just tap on Shop Products tab.

  4. And select Office from the list displayed. And there you will get to see an Office product page.

  5. A number of varieties will be available for you to choose from. You can then use the bar to find Office products and products for student use, for business use and as well as for Mac computers.

  6. Then select the suitable package, and click on the Microsoft version you have decided to download.

  7. Tap the Buy and Download option.

  8. Tap on Check Out option, when you are done shopping and prepared to purchase. Be ready with the payment information.

  9. Open your Microsoft Account, you will need to sign in to your Microsoft and if you don’t have one, then you will be asked to create a new one.

  10. Give your payment information.

  11. After your payment has processed, you will see a link to download the software.

  12. Now just need to download the installer and file will come to your PC’s download folder.


Unless and till you're utterly out of bit with the $64000 world, you're quite awake to the Microsoft workplace Suite. Microsoft, a number one technical school large, is legendary for creating technology not solely simply on the markethowever conjointly economical. for many years, Microsoft has been rolling out new innovations to revolutionize the manner we have a tendency to work on PCs and laptops at homes and offices. If you have got used computers running Windows, then in most probability, you will have worked on Microsoft Word, to mention the smallest amount. it's natural to mention that you simply have detected of MS workplace, if not worked thereon.MS workplaceSuite may be a one-stop resolution for all of your pc wants. it's a collection of durable applications that have the potential to follow through the littlest to biggest tasks briefly order. to spice up the work productivity, get workplacefrom web.office.com/setup.

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