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How do I Register for a Hulu Account?

  1. Start the process of the account creation, by opening the Web browser that is available on your computer. You may have, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. Just make sure that the browser is of an updated version.

  2. On the browsing window, go to the address bar and then search for the official site of Hulu.

  3. To start your search you need to type, www.hulu.com/welcome and then press the enter icon.

  4. Here, to proceed you have to search the “Start Your Free Trial” icon.

  5. On clicking this icon, you will reach the Subscription plan page. Here choose a plan that is relevant for you and click the select icon.

  6. Whenever a user creates a new account on Hulu, the streaming service offers a free trial period. Your subscription plan is the factor for deciding the period of the free trial period you will get.

  7. You will then be taken to a window having the application form, for enrolling in Hulu. In this form, you have to provide the following details.

  8. An existing Email Id.

  9. A Password that has at least 6 characters and is unique.

  10. Furnish your name in full.

  11. Enter your Birthday in the required field. This can be done using the drop-down list in the fields prescribed for month, date and year.

  12. Provide your Gender in the following manner.

  13. When you have mentioned all these details correctly, tap on the “Submit” icon.

  14. The window appearing on your screen requires you to furnish your payment details. Here, you have the option to choose any of the methods for payment. Basic options being, Debit/Credit card, Digital Wallet (like PayPal, Venmo and AMEX Express Checkout) or Hulu Gift Card.

  15. However, there is nothing to worry about as this process is done just for authentication of your account. All users will get their free trial period for sure.

  16. On entering the details correctly, you have to give permission to a deduction of $1. The streaming service has added this step to authenticate your Hulu Account. This money is immediately reverted back to your account.

  17. When all the above steps are complete, your account with Hulu is created.

Hulu Activate – The Activation Code Method

  1. You need to start by going to your TV-connected device and opening the Hulu app.

  2. This lands you on the home window of the app. Here, you will get the “hulu login” option, select it.

  3. With that, you will go to a new window that prompts you to opt for the method of login. Here you have two options but for this method, you have to select the “Activate on a Computer” option.

  4. The next screen reveals the activation code for you. The code comprises a unique series of numbers that are generated every time you have to connect a device.

  5. The same screen also prompts you the procedure for the activation of your product via the Hulu Activate site.

  6. Now, on your computer device open a web browser.

  7. Now in the address bar, using your keyboard type “www.hulu.com/activate” and then, press the enter key.

  8. The home page of the Hulu Activate site has the fields of Email and password to log in to your account.

  9. You again have two options. Either you can log-in using your email and password. Or you can log in via Facebook.

  10. Enter your email and password connect to Hulu, in case you choose to log in via Hulu.

  11. Provide your user credentials, if you have opted for the Facebook method then.

  12. In both cases, you will be directed to the same window that asks her your activation code.

  13. Furnish the activation code that is flashing on your screen carefully in this device and then click on the “Activate” icon.

  14. Allow about 30- 40 seconds to both your devices.

  15. After that, you will be logged into your account.

  16. Hulu has separate user profiles for all members of your subscription. Once you are logged in, you will be prompted to choose your profile from the list of profiles that run under your Hulu subscriptions. Choose your account and start streaming the latest and trending content.

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